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  • MTV VMAs: Highlights!

    Did you catch the MTV VMAs? All the fashions, funnies, feuds. Everything from Taylor Swift's surprize performance and hugs with Nikki Minaj to Macklemore's downtown LA street show. Whacky wardrobe changes for host Miley Cyrus, to Justin Bieber's tearful live comeback. The fiery stage show from the Weeknd even got Kanye dancing. Of course Kanye is celebrating the announcement of a presidential run in 2020. I love showbiz! Read More
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year??! *&^%$!?

    Back to school shopping. Good times. List in hand, playing shopping cart roulette with the other zombie parents who are adding up items with their in-brain calculators, looking worried. My kids are throwing everything that's pink and sparkly into the cart when I turn and say.. "must be nice to not even look at price tags". The joys of back to school.... This year was especially expensive with my oldest going into grade 7 and the imposed purchase of a $250.00 Chromebook. That was a shocker I tell ya. We all do it, we all have to muddle through it and suck it up I guess. But, as I watched her wandering the halls on orientation day, finding her first locker and then helping her decorate it (with all things pink and sparkly) I couldn't help but flash forward in my mind, years down the road, when i'm helping her set up her first dorm room, or apartment. It's not that far off. Time is flying by way too fast. So i'll help them pick out those perfect first day outfits and plan the perfect first day hair-do. I'll pack those lunches that i hate making and i'll shell out for every student fee that is sure to come in the next couple of weeks. I'll try to remember that one day... she won't ask for my help picking out clothes. I won't be putting her on the bus on the first day waving goodbye and i'll only have lunch for two to make, instead of four. All of a sudden the annual trips to a crowded store grabbing for the last pink sparkly pencil case, seem kinda nice. Happy Back to School to all our Majic families and here's to an amazing 2015/2016 for us all. :)

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  • How Taylor Swift Snags The Stars

    So how does Taylor Swift get all those A lister celebs on stage with her? The ones she doesn't already know. Taylor says she actually gives potential guests her itinerary ahead of time and they get to pick a date to join her on her 1989 World Tour. Her five L.A. shows, of course, were popular with the Hollywood stars. Read More
  • Serena Williams Karaoke

    What does Serena Williams do to psych up for the U.S. Open, which begins August 31st? If she wins, it will be her fifth straight major title and the first calendar Grand Slam by a woman since Steffi Graf in 1988. Read More