Toy Mountain 2014



  • Chris Hemsworth named 'Sexiest Man Alive'

    HIGH FIVE People Magazine! We'll accept actor Chris Hemsworth as 2014's "Sexiest Man Alive"! Read More
  • Buy The Song. Help Save Lives. #BandAid30

    Inspiring motivation from Organizer Bob Geldof, who was also behind the 1984 original 'Do They Know It's Christmas', and then the artists listed below passionately applied their famous tones to Band Aid 30. Read More
  • Six Billion Dollar Mark

    Gasps, jaw dropping OMGs and shrieking every time I mention the new 'Six Billion Dollar Man' movie reboot of the popular 1970's TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, and that's just my reaction. Billion now for inflation reasons as 6 million would probably only cover a bionic eye. The original TV series, 1974 - 1978, was based on the Martin Caidin novel Cyborg, published in 1972. A former astronaut crippled in an accident is rebuilt with bionic limbs and implants, giving him super human strength and then he takes on crime fighting challenges as a unique intelligence agent for a fictional government agency. I was so young when this series originally aired, I thought the character Oscar was the government. Of course when I listened to radio at that time, I also thought the bands were actually physically in the radio station playing their songs. Read More


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