• True Story Behind the "Ellen Oscar Selfie"

    How did Ellen really get that now famous selfie at the Oscars? She had Bradley Cooper knock over a rather dapper looking Homer Simpson then crop him out of the photo before tweeting out to the world. For shame Ellen. For shame. Read More
  • Justin Timberlake Reacts On-Stage To Fan Flipping Him Off

    Not sure why you pay money to go to a concert just to give the performer the finger but Justin Timberlake handles this very well. Another example of how good he is at what he does. Read More
  • SochiStu So Far...

    Our very own Stuntman Stu is in Sochi as the rink announcer for the womens' hockey games. If you haven't seen any of his foreign antics yet, we've collected some of them here. Enjoy. Look for #SochiStu as he continues to update us on his adventures in Sochi. Read More