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  • Serena Williams Karaoke

    What does Serena Williams do to psych up for the U.S. Open, which begins August 31st? If she wins, it will be her fifth straight major title and the first calendar Grand Slam by a woman since Steffi Graf in 1988. Read More
  • The World's Top Earning DJ Is... ?

    Who is the King of EDM? $66 Million in 2014 puts him at the top of Electronic Music creators for a second successive year. According to Forbes, it's the Scottish producer and DJ who is wooing Taylor Swift. Read More
  • Get Ready To Louboutinize!

    Louboutinize: verb: To impart the joyous spirit of Christian Louboutin

    Enter the world of Christian Louboutin with #Louboutinize! Read More
  • Shawn Mendes: Spreading the LOVE!

    Canadian heartthrob singer Shawn Mendes and are bringing back their awesome Notes from Shawn campaign! Shawn loves sharing handwritten notes that spread positivity and boost self-esteem and to help stop bullying. Shawn Mendes wants YOU to join in by sharing your own encouraging messages. Read More